Marie Dam Holsting

Marie Holsting

I was born in Denmark in 1987, in a small town with nature all around. This influenced my childhood, and made room for my creativity to flourish. Descending from a creative family,  I loved to spend my time drawing, sewing and painting.

Daughter of a furnituremaker, I would use a lot of my time in the workshop playing and building with nails and wood. Using what was at hand and my imagination I would create things for me to use, as a child it would be toys, but as I got older I used my skills to create things for my home.

In 2004 I began my journey towards a design profession, where I could use my passion for creativity. I finished a PBA degree in Living Design in 2014, and during my Education and Work Experience I have been fortunate to work for several design companies such as Broste Copenhagen, Mater, Light-Point and Louis Poulsen, giving me a valuable work experience in the creative field.

As a Designer I love to use my high aesthetics and creative skills creating spaces and products that makes a difference. I believe in creating beautiful and functional things that solve a problem or a need - the world doesn't need more stuff, it needs better ones!

By making well thought out things, and choosing high quality products when we consume, we can all make a difference on the impact of planet. We all need a more sustainable approach for things to change for the better.

Be the difference you wish to see in the world!

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